Bishop Fox conducts penetration tests and security assessments to help leading companies secure their products, applications, networks, and cloud. By focusing on offensive security, Bishop Fox has grown into the largest privately held and independent penetration testing company in the market today. Since its founding in 2005, the firm has provided cybersecurity consulting services to over 25% of the Fortune 100.

“The breadth and sophistication of Bishop Fox’s clients blew us away. These companies come to Bishop Fox because they want to stay far ahead of the bad guys, not because they are checking a box,” said Will Lin, principal at ForgePoint Capital. “The founders have worked tirelessly, under the radar, to build a business with substance. We are excited to be investing in the offensive security testing leader and to be a part of the company’s next level of growth.”

“We are committed to advancing the state of offensive security in the industry so we can protect our clients from current and future threats,” said Vincent Liu, co-founder and CEO of Bishop Fox. “We’re grateful to our clients for their continued confidence in our ability to deliver excellent technical results and superior service. As we grow and push the boundaries of the industry, we will continue to invest in our incredible team of talented consultants and practice support personnel to ensure that our promise to clients never falters.”