SQL-Powered Security Analytics: Empowering Analysts and Incident Responders

06.17.20 | Blog Post

I’m thrilled to share my thoughts on Uptycs Inc, an investment we are very proud of.

At ForgePoint Capital we are passionate about cybersecurity. We sought out Uptycs three years ago based on our deep understanding of open source and its implication to the cyber security industry at large. Uptycs was early in its journey of building an analytics platform with great potential to address the security visibility challenges of EDR, audit, and compliance.

Following the tracks of the open-source osquery project led us to Uptycs. Once we saw the background of the team, realized scale was in their DNA, and heard their unique approach to building a normalized view of telemetry for modelling the domain of endpoint detection analytics, we were convinced to partner with them. Since then, Uptycs has moved forward with a singular focus, a strong product vision, and outstanding execution toward building a SQL-powered security analytics platform.

Uptycs has clear differentiation through accelerated time to insight. Everything they ingest is well-structured, alert friendly, and one SQL query away from empowering anyone to be analysts. This BI-like approach to security is invaluable in today’s world where analysts and incident responders are in short supply.

Uptycs’ ability to solve security visibility at large scale (100k+ endpoints) makes it a key provider of SaaS and on-prem technologies for the security industry. Their customers are some of the largest tech titans operating at cloud scale. Their sophisticated customer base has a high level of security maturity. Uptycs won them over with an obsession for customer success, innovation and product excellence.

Today, almost three years after we first partnered, and having observed Uptycs’ success from close quarters, I’m excited to share that they’ve raised a $30M Series B round.

At ForgePoint Capital, we’re thrilled to be part of the Uptycs journey and to be part of the team that achieved some of the largest scale enterprise deployments on the planet.

In my conversations with Ganesh, I’ve repeatedly told him “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Three years later, that’s proven to be true based on Uptycs’ consistent success and the number of competitors that have faded away.

Welcome Jai Das and Sapphire Ventures, who are leading the Series B round, along with full participation from Comcast Ventures and ForgePoint Capital. This is a testament to the successful execution by Ganesh Pai and his team at Uptycs. Well done!


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