Year in Review

2022 brought the need for more resilience and resourcefulness, yet there were still many milestones to celebrate amid the uncertainty. Here are the highlights.

As seasoned investors and company builders in cybersecurity and infrastructure software, we've found that the best companies can emerge from times like this. We're optimistic about the future and all that can and must be done to protect it. To our community of innovators, leaders, partners, and friends around the world: thank you. We are honored to work with you and grateful for your support. The mission continues and the best is yet to come.

Our Strategic Alliance to Advance Cybersecurity Investment and Innovation Globally

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Year in Review

Forgepoint invests in transformative companies protecting the digital future. 2022 brought new founders, advisors and team members to the Forgepoint Family as well as major milestones including a series of M&A transactions and the first and only security IPO of the year.

We were thrilled to announce our strategic alliance with Santander, as we advance cybersecurity investment and innovation globally.

in AUM
5 M&A + 1 IPO
The only security IPO of the year
Capital Raised by Forgepoint Companies
New Companies
Active Companies
New Team Members
New Advisory Council Members
(now 84 total)

Portfolio Highlights



Congratulations on these major milestones in 2022!

Area 1 Security, acquired by Cloudflare

Area 1 Security was acquired by Cloudflare (NET) to help organizations more easily thwart phishing, malware, business email compromise and other threats

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Attivo Networks, acquired by SentinelOne

Attivo Networks was acquired by SentinelOne (S) to advance cyber defense by bringing Identity, Threat Detection and Response to XDR

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BehavioSec, acquired by LexisNexis Risk Solutions

BehavioSec joined LexisNexis Risk Solutions (RELX) to improve fraud protection with powerful, continuously authenticated behavioral biometric security

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Cysiv, acquired by Forescout Technologies

Cysiv was acquired by Forescout, bringing automated true threat response to enhance threat detection and response across the digital terrain

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IDX, via SPAC with ZeroFox (ZFOX)

IDX, a leader in digital privacy protection and data breach response, joined ZeroFox which began trading on Nasdaq as ZFOX as the only security IPO in 2022

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Remediant, acquired by Netwrix

Remediant joined Netwrix to augment its privileged access management capabilities and provide customers even better resistance to advanced threats

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Attivo Networks by SentinelOne

Attivo Networks joined SentinelOne to advance cyber defense by bringing Identity, Threat Detection and Response to XDR

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BehavioSec by LexisNexis Risk Solutions

BehavioSec’s powerful behavioral authentication platform became core to LexisNexis ThreatMetrix

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Cysiv by Forescout Technologies

Cysiv was acquired by Forescout to bring automated true threat response to its Continuum Platform

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IDX with ZeroFox

IDX joined external security leader ZeroFox which began trading on Nasdaq as ZFOX in the first and only security IPO for 2022

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Remediant by Netwrix

Remediant joined Netwrix to augment the data security company’s privileged access management capabilities

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Additional Funding.

Congratulations to these companies on raising over $318M in follow-on capital!

$55M Series B

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Forgepoint Focus

Congratulates Cinchy on Series B Funding

$129M Series B
$50M Growth Capital
$40M Growth Capital
$31M Series B



Welcome to the Forgepoint Family!

Forgepoint Updates


Congratulations on their well deserved promotions!

Leo Casusol
Managing Director
Andrew McClure
Managing Director
Ernie Bio
Managing Director
Shane Shook
Venture Partner
MJ Ramachandran
Connie Qian
Vice President
Rey Kirton
Vice President
Tanya Loh


Team Members.

Bringing fresh perspective, industry expertise, and operational excellence.

Casilda Angulo
Senior Associate
Jessica Huang
Alyssa Iyer
Entrepreneur in Residence
Tom Kelly
Venture Consultant
Sanjay Uppal
Venture Consultant
Sue Chung
Executive Assistant
Stacey Holmes
Executive Assistant



Fourteen more industry leaders across sectors joined our Advisory Council to help foster critical innovation.

Brian Barrios
CISO and VP of Cybersecurity and IT Compliance at Southern California Edison; Former Exec Dir Threat & Intel, Southern Company and Director, MITRE
Carolyn Crandall
CMO and Chief Security Advocate at Cymulate; Former CMO and Chief Security Advocate at Attivo Networks - a SentinelOne company
Enrique Oti
CTO at Second Front Systems; Co-Founder DIU and USAF Kessel Run Program
Jayson Noland
CFO, HackerOne; Former VP of Strategic Finance, Treasury, and Investor Relations at Cloudflare
J. Bruce Bugg, Jr.
Chairman of the Texas Department of Transportation and Chairman, President and CEO of Southwest Bancshares, Inc, and Executive Chairman and CEO of Texas Partners Bank
Kirstjen Nielsen
President of Lighthouse Strategies, Former Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security
Kristine Briggs
VP of Strategy and Operations at Cisco; Former VP of Operations, Neohapsis
Mark Greisiger
Founder and President of NetDiligence®
Miguel Sánchez
Global Director of Security and Intelligence at Telefónica;  Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CNI Spain
Neil Costigan
Chief Architect, Behavioral Biometrics at LexisNexis Risk Solutions (LNRS); Former CEO, BehavioSec
Ron Gula
President and Co-founder of Gula Tech Ventures; Co-founder & CEO, Tenable
Sounil Yu
CISO and Head of Research at JupiterOne; Former Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America
Teresa Shea
Former Head of CODEX at Raytheon, EVP of Technology at In-Q-Tel, and Director of Signals Intelligence, NSA
Timothy Kosiba
CEO of Bracket f, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Redacted; Former Deputy Commander of the U.S. Department of Defense



Five members received Forgepoint Impact Awards in recognition of their industry leadership and contributions.

No items found.
Ramin Safai
MD CISO and CTO of Jefferies - All-Star
Edward Amoroso
Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber - Trailblazer
Ron and Cyndi Gula
Co-founders, President and Managing Partner of Gula Tech Adventures - Catalysts
Daniel Barriuso
Global CISO and Group EVP, Santander - Global Innovation

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News and Insights

CISO Security Priorities Model

Our first-ever, capturing insights from over 100 CISOs across industries



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Forgepoint Field Guide

More experts shared guidance in our Forgepoint Field Guide for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

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Marketing Success: the Art & Science of Category Creation, Differentiation, and Deception

with Carolyn Crandall, CMO and Chief Security Advocate at Cymulate; Former CMO and Chief Security Advocate at Attivo Networks - a SentinelOne company

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Winning the Talent War: the Keys toSuccess in Building and Scaling Your Team

with Karl Sharman, Head of Talent - Forgepoint Capital and Head of Cybersecurity Solutions & Services - Stott & May

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Russia's Invasion of Ukraine and Preparing for Potential Cyber Attacks

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