Commitment to ESG

ForgePoint Capital’s mission is to protect the digital world. We believe investing in cybersecurity will protect individual privacy and ensure greater economic prosperity. In addition, responsible corporate behavior with respect to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors can mitigate risk and positively influence long-term financial performance.

We are keen to partner with other firms and groups focused on ESG and are proud to be one of the founding signatories of ILPA’s Diversity in Action initiative as well as a signatory of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) group.

Our Responsible Investing Pledges

  • Inclusivity: Foster a culture of meritocracy, fairness, and transparency.
  • Community: Encourage all firm and portfolio company professionals to engage in nonprofit giving and socially responsible volunteer activities.
  • Actions Over Words: Proactively work with portfolio companies on environmental, health, safety, and social initiatives to improve performance and minimize adverse impacts.
  • Governance: Promote appropriate governance of our portfolio companies, including establishment of a qualified board of directors, engagement of independent auditors, and creation of appropriate channels for stakeholders to report potentially improper activities.
  • Compliance & Ethics: Proactively comply with national, state, and regulations in the countries in which we invest, support competitive wages and benefits for employees, and provide a safe and healthy workplace for all.
  • Data Privacy & Security: Protect the privacy of confidential consumer and corporate information through our own operations and those of ForgePoint portfolio companies.
  • Protecting Our Planet: Ensure and continuously improve the environmental responsibility and energy efficiency of our firm and our portfolio companies.
  • Transparency: Encourage dialogue with our Limited Partners and other stakeholders on how we can manage ESG opportunities and risks in a way that is consistent with their initiatives.
  • Positive Impact: Not invest in any business that willfully exploits underserved or underprivileged communities and/or creates significant damage to society.

Responsibility: From First Call to Exit

Our commitment to ESG starts with our team, composed of individuals who are all passionate about creating positive societal impact by investing in and advising companies that protect the digital world. As impact investors, we incorporate ESG into every aspect of our investment process. Once an investment is made, we actively monitor ESG opportunities and risks on an ongoing basis and require our portfolio companies to periodically provide us with information on their ESG initiatives.

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