ForgePoint invests in the world’s most innovative cybersecurity companies that secure the way we live and work.


1Kosmos Logo

1Kosmos is the world’s only cybersecurity solution that combines indisputable digital identity proofing with advanced biometrics, passwordless authentication while storing user data encrypted in a private, permissioned blockchain.
Accertify Logo

A truly global fraud prevention company, helping businesses take a proactive approach to managing risk and driving down online fraud
AlienVault Logo

Leading Unified Security Management Platform powered by the world’s largest crowdsource threat intelligence network (OTX), offering a comprehensive threat detection and incident response solution.
Anitian Logo

Compliance automation for cloud security.
Appthority Logo

Appthority’s mobile app security and mobile security solutions prevent data leaks and privacy risks across mobile apps, devices, and networks
Area 1 Security Logo

The only Pay-per-Phish solution in cyber security. And the only technology that blocks phishing attacks before they damage your business.
Attivo Networks Logo

Leading deception-based threat detection platform that accurately detects in-network threats in user networks, data centers, cloud, IoT, ICS-SCADA and POS environments.
Bayshore Networks Logo

Leader in securing industrial control systems with active protection platform providing continuous monitoring of cyber threats with real-time response and blocking in OT environments.
BehavioSec Logo

Leader in continuous authentication through passive behavioral biometrics for mobile, tablet and web-based applications.
Bishop Fox Logo

Penetration testing and security assessments.
BlueCat Logo

A leading provider of smart, simple, scalable IP address management (IPAM) solutions.
Bromium Logo

Creating game-changing new technology called micro-virtualization to address the enterprise security problem and providing protection for end users against advanced malware.
Cloakware Logo

Providing software tech solutions for securing business apps and digital assets in enterprise, consumer and government markets.
Cloudentity Logo

Cloudentity is a provider of Identity-Aware Authorization and Application Security solutions for the API first economy such as Open Banking. API Access Control has emerged as the next generation of Identity security allowing enterprises to protect APIs, users, and services from misuse and abuse. Security and infrastructure teams at Fortune 500 organizations across the world rely on Cloudentity to keep their applications safe from attack.
Concourse Labs Logo

Concourse Labs automates cloud governance, protecting enterprise data, controlling risk, and accelerating success in the cloud.
Constella Intelligence Logo

4iQ and Alto Analytics merged and rebrand as Constella Intelligence. A leading global Digital Risk Protection business, Constella Intelligence works in partnership with some of the world’s largest organizations to safeguard what matters most and defeat digital risk.
Crossbeam Logo

Setting the industry bar for delivering security architectures With unprecedented performance, reliability and security application choice.
Cybercube Logo

Leading provider of data-driven cyber risk analytics for insurers.
Cysiv Logo

Cysiv combines all the elements of an advanced, proactive, threat hunting SOC with a managed security stack for hybrid cloud, network, and endpoint security, delivering them to enterprises and Managed Service Providers as a 24/7 SOC-as-a-Service with simple, usage-based, monthly billing.
DeepSee Logo

DeepSee empowers knowledge workers with AI techniques to turn data into powerful business assets. Solving real problems for real people.
Huntress Logo

Huntress provides managed threat detection and response services to uncover and address malicious footholds that slip past your preventive defenses. Let our offense be your defense.
Hytrust Logo

Leading provider of multi-cloud workload security to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data center failure and data breaches
IDX Logo

Leading provider of identity protection and data breach services for companies and individuals throughout the US, combining consumer centric software with concierge-style professional services
IronNet Logo

Comprehensive distributed and scalable solution for real time detection of cyber intrusions using behavioral modeling and analytics of all network traffic and infrastructure data.
LoginRadius Logo

Unifying customer identity to digital businesses.
Mocana Logo

Comprehensive Internet-of-Things (IoT) security platform protecting more than 100 million IoT devices, ensuring secure device-to-cloud communications.
Mojo Networks Logo

Leading provider of software-defined secure, high performance, cloud managed WiFi.
Neohapsis Logo

A trusted provider of mobile and cloud security services.
Noname Security Logo

API security platform that protects APIs in real-time and detects vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they are exploited.
NowSecure Logo

Mobile application security and privacy testing solutions.
Perspecsys Logo

Perspecsys Inc. is a cloud computing security company that provides cloud data protection software. Acquired by BlueCoat.
Prelert Logo

Providing incident management tools that automatically isolate the causality of application interruptions in real time.
Prevoty Logo

Leading application and data security platform providing run-time protection for production applications.
Qualys Logo

Vulnerability management and compliance platform.
Rafay Logo

Rafay automates governance, control, and ongoing operations of Kubernetes in minutes instead of months in the cloud, data centers, and at the Edge.
Remediant Logo

Remediant provides enterprises with Privileged Access Management (PAM) software to help them protect their accounts at scale from misuse and abuse.
ReversingLabs Logo

Industry-leading platform for file analysis and malware detection across endpoints, networks and storage with the world’s largest whitelist and blacklist file reputation services.
Secure Code Warrior Logo

Secure Code Warrior® is the secure coding company. They have developed an online secure coding platform that helps Developers to think and act with a security mindset every day.
SignaCert Logo

Helping IT operations and security people protect their systems and data.

Signio Logo

Providing financial transaction processing services for e-commerce businesses.
SolCyber Logo

A modern MSSP for the mid-market, enabling organizations to prevent and combat cybersecurity threats with its unique, curated and high fidelity security approach.
Solera Logo

Developing big data security intelligence and analytics solutions that provide real-time situational awareness, context, intelligence, and visibility to respond to major security events and attacks.
Founded in 2010, SPHERE has become an award-winning industry leader in providing security assessments and remediation services for some of the world’s largest companies and has productized and added automation for ongoing governance.
Strata Identity Logo

Strata is the leading provider of identity modernization and orchestration solutions to the hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise.
Sygate Logo

A leading provider of security policy enforcement solutions for corporate and personal networks.

Symmetry Systems Logo

Symmetry unifies access control for data across the enterprise, granting companies full visibility and control over the data in their storage services.
Tricipher Logo

A pioneer in the field of identity and access management as a service.
Trusted Key Logo

Distributed identity for secure authentication.

Uptycs Logo

Universal endpoint agent for cloud natives.
Verituity Logo

VERITUITY’s verified digital payments platform modernizes a banks treasury services and connects banks, businesses and payees to first-time and on-time digital payouts and pay by anything experiences.
WireWheel Logo

WireWheel can power all phases of your global privacy management and compliance program, uniquely addressing requirements around personal data inventory and mapping, collaboration, vendor risk management, third-party compliance, and subject rights requests.
Zone Labs Logo

Developing computer and internet security software for home and small business computers and networks.