Advancing Cyber Innovation Globally: Forgepoint International and Our Alliance with Banco Santander

10.24.22 | Alberto Yépez | Blog Post

Last week we announced an exciting milestone for Forgepoint: our strategic alliance with Banco Santander to advance cybersecurity investment and innovation around the world. Our partnership with Banco Santander expands Forgepoint’s impact with the creation of Forgepoint Capital International, a new venture capital firm to invest in cybersecurity startups mainly in Europe, Latin America and Israel, Santander’s commitment to our next North American fund, and a new program for potential co-investments.

Santander’s corporate purpose is to help people and businesses prosper. Forgepoint’s mission is to back transformative companies protecting the digital future. After years of collaboration, we’ve developed a shared understanding of critical cybersecurity domains and how we can help accelerate the growth and success of exceptional companies building important technology across high potential markets.

We live in a time where rapid innovation and emerging digital use cases across industries requires state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure – and produces inordinate amounts of data. Our ability to successfully harness that data and the cloud using AI / ML, automation, and virtualization is driving powerful advances in the ways we work and live. With these nascent areas comes the need to protect them from cybercrime and vulnerabilities, ensuring these new frontiers are fundamentally secure and enable sustainable growth.

That is why we are honored to partner with Banco Santander, an international banking leader that is one of the most innovative corporations in the world. Known for successful initiatives like OpenBank, its 100% digital bank, PagoNxt, its global instant payments platform, Banco Santander also developed the technology now licensed by Google Cloud for Dual Run. Together our organizations will bring global reach and sector depth as we identify critical market gaps, drive investment in emerging companies, and accelerate cybersecurity innovation.

Cybersecurity is both a global challenge and opportunity, without borders or limits. And so the mission continues, with this alliance serving as an important milestone in our evolution as the world’s leading cybersecurity venture capital firm. Greater cybersecurity, enable economic prosperity, protect individuals’ right to privacy, and improve the ways we live and work. As we forge ahead, we thank Banco Santander and our trusted community of limited partners, entrepreneurs, customers, advisors, and experts for the ongoing collaboration. Together we will build a more secure and prosperous world.

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