Bishop Fox: The Leading Authority—and Continuous Innovator—in Offensive Security

07.14.22 | Blog Post

Today we’re thrilled to announce the Series B fundraise at Bishop Fox! A huge congrats to Vinnie Liu, Francis Brown, and the entire team on this milestone, and their remarkable growth and momentum. Bishop Fox is truly the leading authority in offensive security, as demonstrated by the team’s foresight, focus, and diligent execution.

Looking back at the three years of working together with Vinnie and team—whether it was collaborating to hire proven executives to fill key leadership roles, proudly connecting them with customers and key partners, brainstorming the long-term vision for the company or bonding over the latest trends in the security industry—at the center of it all was a mutual love of improving, learning, and building.

“Over the last three years, we’ve achieved explosive growth at Bishop Fox, brought an award-winning platform to market, and launched industry-leading initiatives like our Bishop Fox Academy. We couldn’t have accomplished all of this without the support of Forgepoint Capital, and the guidance of Will Lin and Don Dixon. They have been great partners to us and have helped us navigate the journey to this next defining milestone of Series B funding. We look forward to continuing our partnership and defining the future of offensive security together.” – Vinnie Liu, CEO, Bishop Fox

The desire to improve at Bishop Fox has been palpable since our first meeting. Despite garnering consistently positive feedback both internally and externally, the team has never become complacent or rested on their successes. They demonstrate an incredible openness to experimentation and continuous innovation, seeking best practices and finding ways to effectively scale the organization for employees and customers – always with a deep commitment to quality.

Because of this desire to learn, we always have a ton of fun whenever we get together to talk about our respective experiences with company-building. Whether it’s self-awareness about a knowledge gap or area of potential inquiry, the research and work done to form a conclusion, and then sharing the findings and results, working with this team has been a phenomenal learning experience across the board.

Finally, the team’s perseverance in building an enduring, innovative business at Bishop Fox has been one of the most impressive examples I’ve seen in my career. Despite all the craziness in the venture market, noise and potential distractions, this team has always had the wisdom, patience and optimism to prioritize what really matters long term.

With Bishop Fox’s track record and continued success serving global customers across industries and geographies, commitment to excellence through learning, exceptional leadership, team, and culture, I have no doubt Bishop Fox’s top-line revenue will one day be measured in the billions and to become one of the largest businesses in security.

So congratulations Vinnie, Fran, and Bishop Fox! We’re excited for Chris Wenner and the fine folks at Carrick Capital Partners to join the board as part of this round. On behalf of the Forgepoint team, Don, Ernie and I could not be more proud to be a part of the journey and to see what Bishop Fox will further achieve for global customers and our industry in the years ahead.

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