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Cinchy: Revolutionizing Data Infrastructure with Dataware

Reynaldo Kirton

October 27, 2022

  • Blog Post

We’re excited to announce our investment in Cinchy as we join co-founders Dan DeMers (CEO) and Karanjot Jaswal (CTO) to revolutionize data infrastructure.

In a rapidly digitizing world, the explosion of data has introduced unique challenges. Traditionally, leveraging data for operational and analytical use cases required that data be copied from one application and / or database into another. The increase in number of applications leads to an exponential increase in data copies, increasing integration costs and slowing application development while simultaneously introducing data sprawl and increasing organizational risk.

Many existing technologies have attempted to alleviate this problem by facilitating the copying of data. Cinchy is taking a different approach: “dataware.” Instead of an application-centric architecture in which data must be copied for each application, Cinchy introduces a data-centric architecture.

Cinchy’s unique “dataware” platform leverages schema plasticity to function as an operational data store, an analytical database, and a low-code Business Intelligence tool, differentiating Cinchy from other data-centric technologies like a data warehouse. The ability for applications, data analysts, and business users to interact directly with Cinchy eliminates the need to copy data, thus reducing data sprawl, improving collaboration, and accelerating time to value. Built-in augmented metadata management automatically enriches data with intelligence from multiple sources, creating an intelligent data network.

Furthermore, Cinchy’s platform includes fine-grained data access controls, providing governance at the data cell level that doesn’t have to be re-applied in every application in which the data is used, addressing the issue of unsecure data in shadow IT in end-user-computing applications.

On behalf of Leo Casusol and our team, Forgepoint is excited to bring our expertise in enterprise infrastructure and partner with a strong investor syndicate that includes Information Venture Partners and ScaleUp Ventures to help accelerate the proliferation of dataware in the US market and worldwide as Cinchy scales.