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ForgePoint Capital Portfolio: Providing Services to Protect Important Data in a Time of Uncertainty

April 21, 2020

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During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, many companies are lending a hand to the community to provide their expertise to help companies and individuals in need. With cybersecurity threats on the rise, we wanted to highlight a few of the ForgePoint Capital portfolio companies who have stepped up to help business and healthcare organizations protect valuable information. Below we have summarized the cybersecurity free products and services being offered to the community by 4iQ, Bayshore Networks, NowSecure and Reversing Labs.

Offerings from ForgePoint Capital Portfolio Companies:

4iQ, an attribution intelligence company on a mission to unmask cybercriminals is offering a free service using IDHunt Core to assess exposed domains and compromised credentials for hospitals within IDLake, its proprietary data lake, and continue monitoring exposure within deep and dark web sources for 90 days. The team will provide subsequent monthly reports to subscribers on new exposures. More here.

Bayshore Networks, a cybersecurity leader in industrial IoT space, has announced a free 90-day program for their OTaccess, a cloud-hosted, software-defined network remote access product so industrial at-home workers can access industrial control systems. The company is also offering a free webinar: OT Access for your “New Normal” – COVID-19 At-Home Workforce. More here.

NowSecure is a mobile app security software company delivering fully automated mobile app security testing with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency necessary for Agile and DevSecOps environments. The company is offering two programs to support the dramatic rise in demand for safe mobile apps for remote customers and users, and the immediate need for delivering secure and private mobile apps for COVID-19 global health response.

  • Providing free license program for its mobile application security and privacy testing software. NowSecure Platform delivers automated testing for visibility into mobile app risks, security vulnerabilities, privacy issues and compliance gaps. Organizations can now rapidly test in minutes the mobile apps they build and use to meet the spiking demand.
  • Offering free expert Mobile App Security Review Services to any qualified mobile app developer building a COVID-19 mobile app for public use.

More here.

Reversing Labs, a company that delivers game changing threat detection and analysis solutions to help organizations combat the latest generation of intelligent cyber attacks. It’s unique and innovative Active Decomposition technology classifies binary materials for proactive threat defense. The company has chosen to participate in the security community by providing an Emergency Assistance Package at no cost to highly-impacted COVID-19 industries including: Healthcare; Insurance; Air, Travel & Hospitality; Oil & Gas; and Automotive. The offering delivers a variety of services that can help organizations better understand those threats directly impacting their business and tamp down attackers seeking to exploit this current situation.

Reversing Labs Emergency Assistance Package includes:

  • Threat Analysis and Threat Hunting Program Consulting Services which includes an assessment of file-based risks and any associated recommendations.
  • Automated Threat Intelligence and Hunting Services, as well as access to ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud APIs and Intelligence Interface, enrich existing threat intelligence, e.g. pre-built connectors for security partners including Tanium and Anomali.
  • Weekly “Ask Me Anything” Training provides malware analysis training for Threat Analysts and Threat Hunters.
  • Monthly Enterprise Threat Assessment Reports deliver greater visibility into organizations’ security risk posture.

More here.

The Mission Continues:

Stay tuned for more upcoming news from ForgePoint Capital portfolio companies offering free services in this time of need. ForgePoint is committed to investing in the security focused companies addressing the most pressing challenges facing individuals, businesses and governments. We believe that greater cybersecurity will enable economic prosperity and faster recovery.