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Instabug: Improving the Performance and User Experience of Mobile Apps

Ernie Bio

May 17, 2022

  • Blog Post

Forgepoint Capital is thrilled to announce its Series B investment in Instabug! We are honored to join co-founders Omar Gabr (CEO) and Moataz Soliman (CTO), two passionate entrepreneurs who are building a phenomenal company that graduated from Y Combinator ’16 and is now growing globally out of its Egyptian origins and US headquarters.

Mobile apps continue to be a critical component of digital transformation, daily productivity, and modern life. In 2021, more than 200 billion mobile apps were downloaded. Additionally, mobile apps dominated in share of digital minutes, with 70% of all digital time spent on mobile apps vs. web apps.

As workloads move more and more to the cloud, DevSecOps teams have become leading users of monitoring technologies like Instabug’s mobile app performance and quality products. The value proposition for DevSecOps teams is the ability to release more frequently with high quality, improving both the performance and stability of mobile apps at scale.

Instabug’s thoughtful approach to building a seamless, easy to consume and deploy product “developed by developers for developers” has been the reason for their extraordinary growth and success – processing over 110B mobile sessions and over 4.2B issues across 2.7B+ devices thus far – with global, industry-leading brands like DeutscheBank, EA, IHG, Lyft, PayPal, Samsung, and Verizon relying on their solutions and integrations across mobile application development lifecycles.

Forgepoint’s cybersecurity expertise brings complementary perspective to a great syndicate which includes Insight Partners and Accel.

Several of Forgepoint’s portfolio companies, like NowSecure, ReversingLabs, and SecureCodeWarrior, also offer go-to-market synergies with Instabug.

Forgepoint is excited to join Instabug’s journey as they empower teams and organizations to build mobile apps that perform better and safer!