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Lumu: The Leader in Compromise Detection and SecOps Automation

Leo Casusol

September 27, 2023

  • Blog Post

We are proud to announce our investment in Lumu, the leading provider of Compromise Detection and SecOps automation.  

I am fortunate to have known Lumu Founder & CEO Ricardo Villadiego for several years prior to Lumu’s inception. Ricardo is a successful serial entrepreneur who brings a strong background in both engineering and sales. He has brought together a team that is deeply passionate about cybersecurity and solving the many complex security-related challenges that enterprises face today. 

The continued evolution of threat actors with their rampant attacks, fragmented security ecosystems, telemetry, and alert fatigue, and increased regulatory demands require a new approach to cybersecurity.

By employing advanced Network Visibility and Analysis and applying AI to correlate and analyze additional infrastructure telemetry, Lumu continuously assesses the likelihood of compromises, and generates actionable data to orchestrate and automate incident response using the existing cybersecurity stack. Lumu’s user interface was designed to serve the needs of the security analyst, focusing on what is happening and why it is important, while providing guided workbooks and remediation steps.

Lumu’s innovation extends well beyond  its product capabilities and into new customer acquisition patterns, using a sales and onboarding model that makes it easy for security and IT pros to test and quickly see value from the platform. In a space where buyers have grown skeptical about vendors’ promises, Lumu helps them overcome reservations by letting prospects try and experience the product first hand. Lumu, which integrates with any tool in an existing security stack, brings successful use cases to organizations of any size, including large enterprises across industries looking to optimize their cybersecurity investments, and small and medium size businesses that need to optimize their security efforts. 

Supporting the community is also important for Lumu, which offers free, self-paced SecOps bootcamps to help security analysts gain more technical knowledge and strengthen the security posture of their organizations through hands-on labs.

Lumu’s growth has been incredible, not only acquiring great customers in 22 countries, and earning accolades from leading analyst firms like Forrester and GigaOm as well as the media. We could not be more excited for all that’s ahead for Lumu and look forward to supporting the team through its next phases of growth.