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Our investment in Concourse Labs: Accelerating Digital Transformation with Automated Cloud Governance

June 9, 2020

  • Blog Post

At ForgePoint, we are lucky to invest and support transformative security companies: led by impressive teams solving timely use cases.

An Impressive Team
The Concourse Labs team is intimately familiar with the challenges of enterprise governance in service of digital transformation and at Fortune 100 scale: Goldman Sachs, Rackspace, AWS, Google, and Red Hat.

Prior to starting Concourse Labs, co-founder and CEO Don Duet was the CIO at Goldman Sachs. During his 28-year tenure at Goldman, Don led the firm through multiple digital transformations: first with the private cloud and then with the public cloud.

Paired with Don, is Scott Crenshaw, President and COO of Concourse Labs. Prior to Concourse, Scott led and built Rackspace’s $1 billion Private Cloud business where he gained deep familiarity with the cloud computing market and the industry dynamics driving it.

Compliance is critical when adhering to regulation – this is why Don and the team are taking lessons learned from innovating in highly regulated industries and productizing innovation. With their unique insight in moving complex enterprises to the cloud, the Concourse Labs team is uniquely qualified to help enterprises accelerate success in digital transformation.

The Timely Use Case
The global pandemic has changed the world as we know it: shelter-in-place measures have created the largest remote workforce we’ve ever witnessed and as a result, many Chief Security Officers have done more modernization at scale in the past five weeks than in the past five months. The global crisis at hand has amplified the fact that enterprises today are embracing cloud as part of their business continuity planning. But to achieve success in digital transformation, enterprises recognize they must see and manage risk, protect data, enable measurable policy enforcement to ensure security and compliance.

Concourse Labs’s unique ability to catalyze digital transformation comes from its Automated Cloud Governance solution; an architectural feat when leveraged at the highest levels of sophistication. With Automated Cloud Governance, Concourse Labs enables policy as code, protecting enterprise data, controlling risk, and accelerating cloud success.

This is a fundamental shift in approach, eliminating time-consuming and costly manual processes. Concourse enables enterprises to adapt successfully to the cloud, providing observability and control of their risk posture. It provides an immutable system of record for an organization’s policies, identity, and cloud usage, enabling companies to operate at cloud speed and scale, with confidence and control.

The Journey
Today the company announced a $15.2 million Series A funding round led by ForgePoint Capital. We could not be more excited to partner with Concourse Labs early in their startup journey. Demand for their revolutionary solution will increase as we continue to navigate work and business post-pandemic and we look forward to partnering with them to grow and scale their business.