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Cybersecurity for the Long Tail

US SMBs (99.9% of all businesses)


Of cyber attacks are aimed at SMBs


Average ransomware demand for SMBs


From the coffee shop or dental practice down the street to your local IT provider or construction company, Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) are the connective fabric of our communities and the global economy. In the United States alone, 33.2 million SMBs account for over 99.9% of all businesses, employing almost half of the private sector workforce and producing 43.5% of GDP.

SMBs increasingly rely upon digital innovations to serve their customers. At the same time, they face more cyber risks than ever from attackers who see easy targets lacking the internal resources to defend themselves.  The rise in ransomware and other threats increase the risk of costly disruptions and damages, yet when SMBs turn to the cybersecurity marketplace, enterprise tools aren’t designed for their needs, budgets, and workforce.

SMBs need effective, user-friendly security solutions that are sensitive to cost constraints. Cybersecurity has long overlooked its responsibility to protect the underserved, vulnerable, and essential SMB market.

We believe the solution is in platforms and products that leverage automation and human-in-the-loop expertise to protect millions of SMBs at scale. These innovations are cost-effective for businesses and the service providers- including MSPs, MSSPs, and resellers- they often rely upon for IT and cybersecurity support. They also benefit State, Local, and Education (SLED) organizations, as well as contractors who support defense industrial bases and the public sector.

Securing SMBs fosters a safer and more resilient digital landscape for our businesses, economies, and communities.


33.2 million US SMBs (99.9% of all businesses)

43% of cyber attacks are aimed at SMBs

$555,000 average ransomware demand for SMBs

“The only thing on my mind right now is how to secure the 99%: small and mid-sized businesses. It’s Huntress’s virtuous cycle: deliver in ways that make a massive difference to SMBs. Then invest in new technology that will then again secure SMBs, that then allow us to build awesome new products, that then allow us to take down more hackers and grow as a company. It just feeds on and on. As we help more SMBs, Huntress just gets more effective.”

Kyle Hanslovan CEO of Huntress