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Proactive Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Average cost of a data breach, globally


Estimated cost of cyberattacks in 2028, globally


Predicted enterprise spend by 2028 on battling malinformation


In today’s mercurial threat landscape, it’s a matter of when- not if- companies will experience a breach. Human error, complex attacks, and GenAI-enabled threat actors all but guarantee it.

The cost of a breach is staggering, averaging $4.45 million for businesses globally due to downtime, ransom, and detection and response costs. Breaches also drain the most vital business currency of all- trust. Consumers expect businesses to protect their data and B2B customers need safe digital environments to innovate. A breach can deteriorate confidence, and many businesses- particularly Small and Midsized Businesses (SMBs)- don’t survive the financial and reputational costs.

Cybersecurity has long prioritized preventative tooling designed to detect and disrupt attacks and breaches, and for good reason. However, as cybersecurity transitions from a cost center to a business enabler, more companies are seeing a return on investment from response and recovery capabilities.

We believe the scope of proactive cybersecurity will evolve to encompass response and recovery.

Companies will learn to take a hit, anticipating and recovering from breaches faster and using post-breach insights to strengthen prevention. Incident responders with more empathy and technical understanding recognize the human cost of ransomware and are developing faster and better approaches to resolution and resilience. Sophisticated analytical models, informed by world-class datasets and telemetry, are delivering a more proactive understanding of risk. Cyber insurance will elevate from financial risk management to a primary driver of strong cybersecurity posture.

These advances will enable a virtuous circle in cybersecurity, empowering companies to effectively protect themselves against the emerging threats they face.


$4.45 million average cost of a data breach, globally

~$13.82 trillion estimated cost of cyberattacks in 2028, globally

>$30 billion predicted enterprise spend by 2028 on battling malinformation

“Cyber insurance analytics could transform the future of the cybersecurity industry. Cybersecurity could do a lot more to focus on the ROI of controls. Enterprises have dozens of solutions and are looking at hundreds of vendors. Insurance analytics cuts through a lot of the noise and asks what matters with respect to financial impact.”

Pascal Millaire CEO of CyberCube