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Securing AI, AI for Security

Global enterprises have actively deployed AI


ISVs will have embedded GenAI capabilities by 2026


Cybersecurity workforce gap, globally


How can cybersecurity secure AI and how can AI improve cybersecurity?

AI adoption is now expected within the enterprise, opening up complex and multi-dimensional vulnerabilities and risks. As organizations scramble to ensure proper governance and enable the trustworthy, fair, and reliable use of AI, malicious actors are equipped with powerful new capabilities that are themselves enhanced by AI and automation. There are not only new systems to protect, but also new types of attacks to defend against and new defensive methodologies to utilize. We’re fascinated by the now symbiotic relationship between cybersecurity and AI. How can cybersecurity secure AI and how can AI improve cybersecurity?

As cybersecurity companies in turn embrace AI and its use cases become ubiquitous- with individuals and teams acclimating to AI assistants and automation- we’re interested in the novel methods or data sets that enable breakthrough solutions.

We see high opportunity for innovation in areas that reduce the need for the continuous deployment of expert-level judgment – optimizing ‘human-in-the-loop’. Rather than overloading teams with tools and features, these platforms use AI to reinvent cybersecurity by enhancing visibility into the threat landscape and improving individual and organizational efficiency,  creating more effective and efficient security operations while addressing the talent and resource gap.


42% global enterprises have actively deployed AI

80% ISVs will have embedded GenAI capabilities by 2026

4 million cybersecurity workforce gap, globally

“The rapid adoption of AI in the workplace brings enormous opportunities and risks, from dramatically enhanced productivity with AI agents and assistants to the even more daunting challenge of ensuring data security across the emerging litany of GenAI models. Taking a proactive approach to these risks ensures that organizations fully understand their changing AI landscape and deploy AI safely and responsibly.”

Mohit Tiwari CEO and Founder of Symmetry Systems