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Backing Builders of the Digital Future

Alberto Yépez

May 5, 2024

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Cybersecurity has changed significantly since Don and I began investing in the industry- long before founding Forgepoint as a sector-focused venture capital firm in 2015.  

Technology and humanity have become increasingly intertwined. Cybersecurity is now a driver of digital transformation in business and a fundamental aspect of our lives.  

The widespread adoption of cloud technologies and internet-connected devices has expanded attack surfaces. Identity has become the new perimeter that attackers target to access data, the lifeblood of modern business. More recently, generative AI has emerged as a promising technology that can simultaneously enhance defenders’ and attackers’ capabilities- while requiring robust security measures of its own.  

Forgepoint Capital has evolved alongside the industry. Over the past nine years, we have partnered with over 50 innovative, emerging companies protecting the digital future. Our team has grown from a few of us to 25 dedicated investment, portfolio growth, and operations professionals. The Forgepoint community now encompasses company builders, security practitioners, and seasoned executives across private and public sectors, including an Advisory Council of nearly 100 industry leaders and broader CXO network around the world.   

As our team collectively reflected on these changes, it became clear that we needed to refine the way we expressed our identity and better “show, not tell” our focus areas and values as a firm. I am excited to share Forgepoint Capital’s refreshed brand and redesigned website in alignment with our approach, core values, and vision for the future of cybersecurity and security.  

Themes Guiding Our Investment Strategy 

Our investment team closely tracks the most pressing current and future issues in cybersecurity and related sectors. Six themes form our current investing outlook 

Our Advantage 

It is a privilege to back exceptional entrepreneurs and their teams, all striving to ensure a safer and more prosperous world. We are committed to being an involved, trustworthy, and steadfast partner– and a decisive advantage as they build.  

Our thesis-driven approach is powered by our diverse team’s hands-on investment experience and operational expertise, and strengthened by our global community of leaders spanning industries and sectors. Together we guide entrepreneurs as they grow and scale their companies 

The Human Stories Behind Innovation 

Technological advances are born from human ingenuity. It is not just what is being built but by whom and why that matters. We wanted to spotlight the extraordinary founders and leaders – CEOs like Kyle Hanslovan, Rita Gurevich, Tushar Kuthari, Pascal Millaire, Billy Gouveia and Neil Costigan – whose inventiveness, expertise, and commitment inspire us all.  

Stay tuned as we share more stories and perspectives on emerging threats, technologies, and trends across cybersecurity and digital infrastructure software.  

If software has eaten the world, the world must now be secure by design. As we prepare for the next decade of Forgepoint’s own journey, we remain excited to back the builders of the digital future—and together forge a stronger and more secure tomorrow.  

Alberto Yépez, Co-Founder and Managing Director
Forgepoint Capital